View of fabricated electrical conduitIn our own 28,805-square-foot prefabrication and warehouse facility, our experts prefabricate a wide variety of custom components for all types of projects. 

Equipped with specialty tools and equipment, and virtual construction capabilities such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Autodesk Revit, our prefabrication solutions include:

  • Branch circuit home run wiring bundles
  • Conduit and raceway support systems
  • Conduit sleeves
  • Equipment and device flexible connection assemblies
  • Large or small conduit bending
  • Light fixtures
  • Panel board modifications with conduits
  • Pre-punched boxes and brackets
  • Temporary lighting or power
  • Wired and non-wired device assemblies

Expert Approach for Excellent Results

Our prefabrication team has the experience to conceptualize your project’s needs from start to finish, determining what’s best to prefabricate, and when to install each component. 

Through seamless communication with other contractors, reviewing building plans, and coordinating schedules, we help you avoid common missteps and ensure your materials arrive on time, every time.

We also use advanced material-handling processes to sort and organize your materials, which helps simplify installation on site. Even our unboxing of materials ahead of time can help keep waste off the jobsite and lead to overall project cost savings.

Benefits of Prefabrication and Preassembly

Wastach Electric’s expert management and coordination means you can realize the many benefits of prefabrication and preassembly, including helping you to:

  • reduce labor time and overall project schedule
  • increase efficiency
  • keep projects on schedule
  • streamline the on-site installation process

Additionally, because we maximize in-house labor to minimize on-site operations, we contribute to your goal of performing all job site work safely.

Contact us to today to learn more how our prefabrication can enhance your projects.