Mission Critical

Electrical cabling/infrastructure close up viewWasatch Electric is your full-service solutions provider for everything your mission critical facilities require—from cabling and infrastructure installation to complete data center design.

From functional models for sequencing and scheduling, to fully-scalable networks for wholesale facilities, our team of certified and trained data center technicians and electricians provide intelligent solutions.

Our complete range of data center services includes:

  • Constructing initial core and shell
  • Building out rooms within data centers
  • Modeling full project details (light switches, pull stations, conduit)
  • Modeling access zones and no-fly areas for code compliance
  • Design-building infrastructure
  • Planning equipment removal paths
  • Installing power feeds for multi-tenant facilities
  • Creating integrated robotic total station layouts
  • Upgrading to sophisticated automation
  • Installing racks, cabinets, cable trays, structured cabling, and fiber optics
  • Designing, installing, and integrating networks
  • Switchyard/substation, primary and secondary power generation
  • Cabling, splicing, testing, and fault locating
  • Customizing maintenance programs

We can also design, install, and maintain all your critical systems, such as:

  • Fire alarm
  • Voice/data
  • Wireless
  • Advanced electrical power distribution
  • AC/DC power
  • Instrumentation
  • Programmable logic controls
  • Direct digital and digital controls
  • Primary and standby power generation

Equipping Your Mission Critical Uptime

Because downtime is never an option, we’re experts at designing fail-safe data environments that promote continuous operation. Our solutions that give your facilities built-in redundancies, include:​​​​​​

  • Dual utility feeds
  • Generators
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • 480-volt switchboards
  • Cabinets fed from dual sources
  • Power monitoring that tracks to the individual circuit level