High-Voltage Utilities

Close up view of a high-voltage utility sytemsFor all levels of voltage needs for a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and utility applications, we offer a complete range of services. 

Because we’re experts in low-, medium- and high-voltage services, we can help lower your project costs by eliminating the need for multiple vendors. 

From building substations and power plants to upgrading with leading-edge technologies including gas-insulated switchgear, our comprehensive utility services include: 

  • High-voltage switching stations and substations 
    • Civil work (foundations, final grading, etc.)
    • Testing services (hi-potential and point-to-point checks)
    • Non-destructive, very low frequency, megohm testing
    • Installation, adjustment, and replacement of breakers, bus, metering, transformers, reactors, wave traps, line tuners, capacitor banks and yards, grounding and protection systems, racks and structures
    • Scaffold-type, I-beam, monopole, and lattice
  • Low- and medium-voltage
    • Underground and above ground conduit installation
    • Grounding systems
    • Low- and medium-voltage wire installation and terminations
    • Fiber optic, data, and communications cabling and terminations
    • Transmission and distribution
    • Installation and replacement of steel, concrete, and wood poles
    • Pole inspections and reporting
    • Conductor stringing
    • Cogeneration and power plant construction