View of electrical wires, poles and transformersWe understand the critical nature of utility distribution and how critical needs for power vary across rural, urban, or suburban geographic areas. 

Whether your projects require engineering, procuring, construction, and maintenance, our comprehensive distribution services include:

Overhead lines, wires, poles and transformers

  • Live line work
  • Overhead installations up to 34.5-kilovolt
  • Energized maintenance and construction 
  • Limited access/back yard work
  • Wood, steel, and fiberglass construction, including the installation of related devices such as switches, closures, regulators, and capacitors
  • Line reconductoring
  • Emergency services and restoration

Underground cabling

  • Underground installations up to 34.5-kilovolt
  • Trenching, conduit, directional boring or direct bury
  • Routing design, inspection, and consulting
  • In-house cable fault location/thumping
  • Line reconductoring
  • Limited access/back yard work
  • Emergency service and restoration