Building Information Modeling

Computerized BIM diagramOur BIM process helps everyone involved—from planning and engineering through construction—to effectively communicate information and coordinate tasks in real time. That’s why we train all our staff, including foremen and office personnel, in using BIM technologies. 

Leveraging the Benefits of BIM

Because all contract documents, installation drawings, field layout points, markups, and 3D models are accessible to the project team any time, from anywhere, BIM helps:

  • Streamline communication among internal and external project teams
  • Avoid rework
  • Identify constructability issues
  • Optimize prefabrication opportunities

Especially beneficial for mission-critical projects, we can also assist or entirely manage BIM coordination for all subcontractors, to help ensure smooth completion.

Prefabrication and Installation Accuracy

Our BIM team uses the latest modeling software, including Revit, to equip our fabrication shop to custom-make a wide variety of electrical panels, lighting fixtures, conduit bends, junction boxes, strut assemblies and more.

Guiding prefabrication within BIM helps us to shorten installation schedules, as well as improve both quality control and safety.

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