IM Flash Technologies

Project Description

IMF_1.jpgWe assisted with multiple expansion and new construction projects across the IM Flash Technologies (IMFT) Campus, providing a variety of electrical construction solutions. Our work was contracted through the owner, along with two General Contractors and included design-build, qualifications-based selection, low bid selection, and cost-plus procurement methods.

We have had a successful, long-term relationship with IMFT (formerly Micron), that has included a number of base builds along with ongoing direct work.

Scope of Work

We started with temporary power and overall project support work for the owner and extended to the build out of two data centers.

We were involved in a variety of other projects and work on the campus, including: 

  • Semiconductor fabrication plant (fab) and clean room support work, featuring the installation of a toxic gas monitoring system (TGMS)
  • Very early smoke detection apparatus (VESDA)
  • Automatic material handling system (AHMS)
  • Security, life safety, and access control
  • Work in administrative offices, cafeteria, and kitchen 
  • Switch-yard upgrade and expansion featuring two new bays and the re-build of a third bay
  • High-voltage ducts feeding a nitrogen plant
  • Expansive utilities tunnels
  • 50,000 feet of high-voltage cable to low voltage special systems in a state-of-the-art technology facility

Unique Attributes

The two data center build outs proved to be especially challenging, requiring diligent coordination between ourselves, the general contractors, and tenants. One was a design-build upgrade and expansion of an existing center, which we kept fully functional during construction. The other was a new center to support the fab operation which had an intense, 90-day schedule.

The critical clean room and sensitive fab environment also put significant demands on our team. Their experience, project performance, and attention to safety in these environments led to our company being selected as a tool-install contractor at the campus, one of the services we are still providing to IMFT.