KraftMaid Cabinetry

Project Description

The KraftMaid Cabinetry project showcased three major divisions within Wasatch Electric. We successfully completed all of the high-voltage work; met all medium-voltage requirements; and provided all of the low-voltage and systems install.

Scope of Work

The scope for high-voltage services featured a new substation and also included:

  • Tapping a Rocky Mountain Power 138-kV line
  • Installation and furnishing of a 16-MVA step down transformer with associated switches and equipment
  • Six transformers for six main electrical rooms
  • Power panels for all plant lighting and power, including manufacturing machinery and tools

Inside the plant, our medium- and low-voltage teams collaborated to provide:

  • 2,308 high bay fixtures for production areas
  • Power for two regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) air scrubber units
  • Power for 11 dust collection units
  • Power and wiring for over 800 individual production tools
  • Data cabling
  • Phone system
  • Fire alarm system

Unique Attributes

The ability to leverage all three of our major service divisions in one project was unique opportunity for our teams to collaborate and provide a comprehensive, single-source electrical solution for the 865,000-square-foot facility.

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