Salt Lake Community College Health Sciences Building

Project Description

SLC_Health_1_crop.jpgWasatch Electric provided electrical installation services during the construction of a new, multi-story health and sciences building at Salt Lake Community College.

In total, the facility houses 39 laboratories serving 15 different purposes, such as anatomy, cadaver, chemistry, biotechnology, computer, x-ray, and others.  The building also houses classrooms, an x-ray center, a large auditorium, and an atrium.

SLC_Health_2_crop.jpgScope of Work

Our team delivered a range of electrical construction solutions supporting an array of complex systems and equipment, including:

  • Communications systems
  • CCTV
  • Audio/visual systemsSLC_Health_3_crop.jpg
  • Fume hoods
  • Equipment connections
  • Autoclave equipment
  • Ultraviolet sanitization system
  • Emergency showers/eyewash stations
  • Deep freeze and refrigeration
  • Dark rooms
  • Emergency power
  • Dimming systems for classrooms and auditoriums

Unique Attributes

The sheer number and variety of labs proved to be a major challenge in this project.

Each separate lab type had a unique, specialized set of needs, demands, and protocol to follow, which required our team to stay flexible and creative throughout the process.

Early planning, detailed layouts, and cohesive coordination with the general contractor and other parties, proved to be vital to the project’s success.