SPS Call Center

Project Description

SPS_1.jpgThe SPS Call Center was an ultra-fast-track, innovative tenant improvement project that converted 168,000 square feet of existing building into a call center, data center, and offices.

Wasatch Electric delivered a full-scope of electrical construction solutions to help transform a former family entertainment center into a state-of-the-art, two-story call center. 

The existing upper level was expanded to accommodate work stations, offices, intermediate distribution frame (IDF) rooms, and a new data center. The lower level was expanded into offices, rooms, system furniture work stations, conference rooms, training theaters, and kitchen area.

Scope of Work

SPS_3.jpgThe scope included all aspects of the electrical, fire alarm, and security systems. Our team provided an electrical distribution system featuring:

  • 15-kV transformer to upgrade existing service to 3,000 amps
  • Four automatic transfer switches
  • Two backup generators – 2,000 kW and 600 kW
  • Three uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) 
  • Seven automatic transfer switches
  • Four distribution switchboards
  • Five distribution panels
  • 25 branch circuit panels
  • Four lighting control relay panels 
  • 1,700 light fixturesSPS_2.jpg

Unique Attributes

SPS employs over 1,000 personnel, with no shift work policy who each have their own work station, which created a unique set of electrical system demands. The difficulty of delivering this challenging design was amplified by the complexity of reusing an existing structure under a fast-track construction methodology. 

The significant risk associated with substantial liquidated damages on an ultra-fast track project required imaginative construction techniques from our team. We were proud to bring this project to completion on time and under budget, and with no liquidated damages.

Other unique features and challenges of the project included:

  • Two accenting 10- and five-foot diameter ring lights. 
  • Theater area fixtures mounted 30 feet below a 45-foot structure height
  • Conversion of a skating rink and miniature golf range into system furniture, featuring:
    • Underground power and data feeds
    • Precise concrete floor cuts
    • Trenching
    • Stub-up positions