Overstock.com Corporate Campus

Project Description

Wasatch Electric delivered a suite of electrical construction services for the Overstock Corporate Campus.

The campus includes a 231,000-square-foot circular “Peace Coliseum” complete with an inner court yard and nucleus building, a 14,974-square-foot amenities building, a 951-vehicle parking garage, and a greenhouse – all of which sits on 19 acres.

The Peace Coliseum features a full-service kitchen, dining areas, an auditorium, multiple conference and meeting rooms, and its very own data center. The amenities building has a gym, yoga studio, daycare, and medical facilities.

A former industrial site, the campus is built upon a federal cleanup site that is now a clean corporate center for many community businesses.

Scope of Work

The scope included all aspects of electrical and fire alarm, as well as running the raceways for the security, data, and audio/visual systems.

The focal point of the campus’s power distribution system, the Peace Coliseum has two, 2,500-kilovolt-ampere transformers feeding two, 2,000-amp main switchboards, with a 500-kilowatt backup generator. Inside, the data center features a 2,500-amp switchboard that is backed up by two 1,500-kilowatt generators and two, one-megawatt uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units.

We delivered an impressive assembly of electrical power and lighting systems across the campus, including:

  • 48 distribution boards
  • 165 panel boards
  • 28 transformers
  • Eight automatic transfer switch (ATS) units
  • 5,229 light fixtures, including multiple custom pieces
  • Lighting control panels with occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, and timing switches
  • Three dual electric-car charging stations
  • View glass electronic tinted windows

The project was fully 3D BIM coordinated by our in-house department.

Unique Attributes

The torus “doughnut” shaped Peace Coliseum and round inner nucleus building provided many layout challenges. Extensive 3D modeling and a total layout robotic station helped us pinpoint all device, supports, and fixture locations, to ensure that the building’s electrical system fit seamlessly into its unique architectural design.

Our BIM department and fabrication shop created custom light fixtures for office spaces on all three floors of the main building. The entwined light fixtures wrap around cubicle areas to create a continuous weaving fixture that follows the circumference of the round building.

We also installed recessed linear light fixtures in the restrooms that relied upon the expertise of our BIM designers and field installers. These pieces ran up the wall and then made 90-degree angled turns into the ceiling that match the unusual angles of the room.

These custom lighting features enmesh themselves with the overall design of the building and deliver a harmonious aesthetic throughout the Peace Coliseum.

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