Salt Lake City, UT

BioFire Manufacturing Facility

A power density of 41.5 watts per square foot was necessary to meet the demands of this complex biomedical plant.

Interior view of BioFire biomedical plant

Value Delivered

Wasatch Electric provided low-voltage, power distribution, and controls solutions for BioFire’s new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

In order to meet the demanding requirements of biomedical manufacturing, the facility required a power density of 41.5 watts per square foot—much higher than a standard building. To help guarantee unmatched redundancy, we also included back-up generators for every part of the building’s power system. 

Additionally, the facility features a unique “Starry Sky” lighting design in the main entrance. When staff and guests arrive, they are greeted by 250 individually placed lighting fixtures patterned after a far-away galaxy. 

Client Objectives

This new 305,049-square-foot manufacturing building in Salt Lake City will help significantly expand BioFire’s manufacturing capabilities, helping them meet the growing needs of their customers.


Wasatch Electric’s scope of work included all aspects of electrical, fire alarm, security, data, audio-visual, and distributed antenna systems.   

During the project, we provided:

  • Power distribution systems featuring:
    • 15-kilovolt redundant loop connecting three five-kilovolt switches and feeding five transformers
    • Four 4,000-amp switchboards
    • 36 distribution panels and 153 branch panels
    • 29 transformers
  • Back-up power distribution featuring:
    • Four 2,000-kilowat diesel generators
    • Paralleling switchgear
    • Eight automatic transfer switches
    • Two uninterruptible power supplies
  • 87 ceiling service panels that include power, gas, and air
  • 326 woodhead-style cord drops to support manufacturing processes
  • Lighting system, featuring:
    • 2,482 individual fixtures
    • 7,825 feet of linear lighting
  • 2,000,000 feet of copper wire pulled in over 110 miles of conduit
  • Over two-miles of cable tray

The project was fully coordinated by our in-house BIM department. Coordination was required across multiple trades and included panel prefabrication.

Client Background

BioFire is a biomedical company that produces clinical molecular diagnostic solutions for healthcare facilities, labs, and point-of-care providers.