Shannon Marchbanks

Vice President, Power & Utility, Transmission and Distribution

Value Delivered

Shannon is responsible for overseeing and managing Wasatch Electric’s transmission and distribution projects. He is directly involved in the day-to-day operations of his division, supervising field teams, onboarding lineman and technicians, and handling customer relations. 

In all his work, he strives to provide customers the maximum project value and quality—going above and beyond to make their lives easier. 


An industry veteran, Shannon’s electrical construction career began in high school, when he got his earliest experience in the trades. After college, he worked throughout the state of Colorado installing undergound and overhead utilities and then completed his apprenticeship working on projects in Nebraska, Arizona, and Wyoming. 

In 1999, Shannon joined our team, performing transmission, distribution, and substation work. Throughout his entire career at Wasatch Electric, he has always been directly involved in building and managing projects. 

Shannon studied electrical math, science, and theory at Mesa State College. 

The Personal Side

Shannon is married and has two sons. In his free time, he enjoys snowboarding, hunting and shooting, and other outdoor activities.