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D. Kent Maughan

President - Power & Utility Services

Value Delivered

Kent ensures expert delivery of the advanced power and utility solutions needed by developers, solar and wind farm owners, public and private utilities, and other clients throughout the western United States.

Responsible for one of the company’s major divisions, Kent reviews and approves all estimates, holds regular project meetings to monitor costs and schedules, oversees the division’s hiring and training programs, and establishes fall protection and other safety policies.

As a result, his division successfully delivers an array of complex and demanding projects consistently on time and within budget.


Kent has been at Wasatch Electric for over 35 years. After starting as an apprentice, he worked his way up through a series of positions with increasing responsibility, including Foreman, Project Manager, Construction Manager, and Division Manager. He took his current post in 2015. In that position, he has built a highly successful team of expert professionals who deliver his division’s complete range of high-performance services.

Kent is licensed as an electrical contractor in virtually every state in the region his division serves. He is also a board member for Western Line Constructors NECA and Mountain States Line Constructors.

The Personal Side

Kent and his wife have four children: three boys and a girl. In addition to his family, he enjoys serving others through his church. He also likes horses, falconry, and other outdoor activities.